Happy New Year!!

Posted by BaDong Thursday, December 31, 2009 1 comments

An Advance Happy New Year to all!! For I'm gonna be busy lighting up fireworks later so!! Enjoy your New year and start it good!! Take Care people :)!!

The end of 2009 is coming near, so I just want to share a website that you can search to make some of your AKA junks to be of use. This site is one of the sites I usually visits since November. Well the things you might find here somehow cool from super easy instructions on how to build things to the hardest and complicated ones.

From simple led series
From USB ???? :))

This are just samples that you can find that are somehow very doable. You can find useful things here like power savers and some projects are for designs on your house. One of the designs which is I'm on to presently is this LED project.

Also there are some tutorials on how to make use of your old power supply to light up your surroundings and even making your place quite cool. So are thinking of what can you do with your wrecked appliances with led lights and others already.

About me

Posted by BaDong Wednesday, December 30, 2009 0 comments

Well I’ve posted some but I didn’t introduce myself yet. I’m Ray Reyes 22 and unemployed :P also a frustrated photographer, programmer, digital artist, web developer, graphic designer, database admin, mechanical engineer, musician, vocalist, encoder, blogger, babysitter, house maid, animator, trap specialist, love guru(for girls), body builder, swimmer, sports man, brother, and the best of all certified TAMBAY.

I’m a lazy graduate of DBTC in Information Technology and now a free lance programmer of the consultancy company of my dad. Somehow, I’m also a helper at our house with my mom. My hobby is almost anything you can think of, all that is possible to learn, but only if I want to :P.

I love to play basketball and soccer, also dreamed to be a member of a school team but it ends on just being a player. They call me nerd because of my technical abilities yet I felt little when entering the formal world. Also a fan of anime and manga, and want to creating one myself yet, I can’t even afford the simple tools to make one.

Baguio / Tam-Awan Village . Philippines

Posted by BaDong Sunday, December 27, 2009 0 comments

Photos I’ve taken when I was at Baguio. Some of the photos were taken at our house, like the lanterns, and the fireworks. All the remaining photos are from Tam-Awan Village, one of the beautiful places seen only at Baguio city. Hope you like even 1. Thanks :)

My First Blog from Christmas

Posted by BaDong Thursday, December 24, 2009 0 comments

Hellowski!! Mabuhay and Merry Christmas! This Christmas I decided t start my blog 2nd blog Likod kwaderno. I guess I’ll make blogging my new hobby for I am unemployed for some time, so I’m going to make my day at least little productive, even helping myself to write.

Well while enjoying the Christmas here, there is a big problem that I always encounter here at this place at this kind of time. I have super thin resistance from cold but at time I can cope up with it, yet for now I wear two jackets right now. Especially

while we’re testing some of our fireworks outside at the front of our house, it’s extremely cold at 12:10am of December 25, 2009 and it’s deadly for me. Woke up with severe colds, but after sometime it disappeared already.

These photos are some of my shots as newbie or frustrated photographer, using my Tito’s camera. Wish you like it. Again Merry Christmas and an advance happy New Year to everyone! Godbless!

And the site is still under construction. :(

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