APRIL summer get aways: Part1 Zambales

Posted by BaDong Monday, July 26, 2010 2 comments

First outing for April is @ Zambales Philippines. April 2, 2010, departed from manila straight to Zambales with just one stop over at McDonalds at 5am. So after a long trip at the road we managed to get to our first stop at the private resort of our friend and same time visit him at San Felipe, Zambales. After some rest we start heading our way to the last stop of the day, our house at Sta.Cruz, Zambales and rested till the end of the day.

Another morning came and we’re on a trip to Sunbloom Resort to take a boat ride to Potipot Island. For Php800 we got a boat and its set to take us across and take us back at the Sunbloom resort. We are thinking on having the night at the beach but it’s a negative thing to do for it is summer and same time holy week here in the Philippines so we just remained awhile and pack and get back at our house again to rest for the night.

The other day we traveled to San Fernando to take another boat ride to Anawangin Cove (where we will try to trek at 2011.). We had so much fun here and drunk without noticing that we’re overpowering the other people near us and got a complaint later at the morning. I had to sleep at the shore with 2 of my friends for there is no available slot for us at any tents, but it was fun because before I slept I manage to see one greatest creation of the lord, the starts and some meteor rain plus the ray of the moon. It’s now a good morning Anawangin day, still had the hangover of the brandy we drunk last night so what would you do to let that headache pass! Climb the mountain top of the cove. After having liters of sweat run our body and some scratches and dirt we head back to our camp to wash and prepare to go home and say the goodbyes to our friends.

So more over that’s it for the first trip, and thanks for reading! By the way here's some shot from my phone Sony Ericsson C902. Enjoy!

I'm back!

Posted by BaDong Friday, July 23, 2010 0 comments

Hello!!! I’m back again after the grueling passing days. I think I stop every internet activity this past April because of my friend’s many trips.

So this time, again my blog will be active as well as my online part time jobs. I’ll just organize some of the pictures I’ve taken while on leave from all of our activities this past few months.

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