Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

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Hey! Yes you! Ever had a thought of being someone you can’t be? Did you ever wish that you can be a warrior or a knight? Did you ever think of throwing a ball of fire, spear of lightning, tornado wind and more kinds of magic to your annoying boss? Ever tried recruiting a group of fighters to fight a horde of monsters?

It’s possible to be one on the palm of your hands. A game from the company that brought us Cabal Online, Ran Online, Audition and some other games, e-Games launched the game Runes of Magic, one of their biggest MMORPG(Massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Ready your computer mouse and your keyboard for it will substitute your sword and skills. Take your mindset to become the strongest warrior/mage that you can ever be. Make or join a guild to rise up against rival enemies. Find and equip the best armor to endure all the damage you can take. Take the strongest weapons that can slay enormous dragons and beasts. Bring the best of potions you’ll ever had for you don’t expect what will happen.

Being in the world of Taborea gives you the chance to train your one-handed sword skill or maybe your dagger skills or rather your defensive endurance, it’s for you to decide. Not content the items brought from the towns vendors? Then bring your shovel, axe and pick for you will gather all the necessary tools to make your items stronger. Still not strong enough? Then gather your friends and hunt for the superior beast, humanoid, demons, golem boss and other higher level monsters you’ll want to meet for what items you can get by defeating these big creatures, or just simply buy strong scraps from another people.

Here are some game artworks

So what are you waiting for? Join now as we conquer all the monsters and be the best warrior in the world of Taborea.

Me inside Taborea

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