August Trek @ Mt. Batulao

Posted by BaDong Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5 comments

After the summer of 2010, we thought of doing something new and more thrilling the some adventures we did. We thought of something about spelunking, but we did that when we’re at Sagada Mountain Province.

Some time pass, and we saw one of our friend walking with a humungous bag with him and stick like something (Trekking pole) I thought is for old guys only. We approached him and had a talk about where did he came from. After some talk, our friend managed to seduce us to join him to his next trip to trek a mountain.

He did mention to us to buy some gears we might need for trekking. I did not expect and even realized that it will cost me so much for just buying a trek bag, tent (My first tent), sleeping bag, and other things like for cooking and stuff.

And there we go we’re headed to Nasugbu Batangas and on the way I was thinking that it will be easy because I go to the gym almost every week. We arrived at the parking area and that I thought it is the jump point and that I was wrong. We moved forward and find out the jump point Mt. Batulau is still far in front us. Yey! We just got at the jump off point after 1hr and 30mins with the path of a sticky mud, so expect that the mud will also be your enemy while it hangs under your sandals/Shoes.

It’s not my first time trekking this mountain, although my first trek is just from the parking lot to the second peak of the mountain. So we moved from one peak to another and I realized that every step with took is one more step harder. So we had some stops and breaks and there we go we reached the campsite just for 4hours from the parking lot. One thing that I hoped for is a spot to take a …… you know. For just a little time we finished preparing our campsite for some time, and after we managed also to prepare our meal for the night. We had some fun with other mountaineers and some accidents bruised one of our members but it was just nothing (falling of the trail due to alcohol but luck saved him for landing into another path that is now a potato field).

The night passed and the morning sun came. It’s time to eat our breakfast and prepare to summit the mountain. We expect it will be a cloudy trek to the top but we’re wrong, it’s sunny and hot. The heat drained our stamina and water, so when reached the summit we had limited water. It was stinging hot at the top, but there is a weird tent there. Thank god that there’s a little store there run by the natives of the town at the foot of the mountain. Trekking our way down is really exhausting because of the heat but thanks to the business minded natives who also sell mountain dew on the way down. About 3 later we reached the foot of the Mountain and YES!! we’ve conquered Mt. Batulau.

I am back

Posted by BaDong Tuesday, March 15, 2011 0 comments

Hey! I am back but will be that active, but I will try to post all of the things I’ve done since the last post. All of my adventure and how’d I became a mountaineer even though we have no present group name.

Sorry for the last post, I did not meant to humiliate the Philippines but just to share the thing on how to respect things. So there again…

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