A Hostage crisis, Police puke

Posted by BaDong Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Television coverage of a hostage taking incident made by former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza was broadcast with no cuts yesterday. Started from 10AM yesterday morning till late 7PM, a hostage taking incident happened here in the Philippines. Many countries are for sure is placing their eyes on us for what happened. Mostly, Hong Kong will be the most upset because of the Chinese tourist that are the hostage on the incident.

There are many questions that are loitering in the country. What happened? Why former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza did hijack the bus? Why did the PNP assault team took some time to bring down the hostage taker?

The reason I know for why did senior inspector R. Mendoza did the horrible thing, was because he was removed from the service for I don’t know what reason. Former inspector R. Mendoza hijacked a Chinese tourist bus and negotiated for him to back to the service.

Negotiations were made, but I came out as a failure. It took some time, and people don’t know what’s happening inside the bus because of all the windows were covered of the curtains. Sometime passed and hours passed, a ruckus happened because of the brother of the hostage taker, was being held by the PNP police, and all I know some of the family member of the hostage taker was being caught by the police.

Arresting the brother of the hostage taker (Note: Television coverage was live and the bus has a T.V. inside), this made him more mad and killed some of the people inside the bus, said by the Driver who escaped just after sometime, using a nail cutter to release him from the handcuffs connected to the steering wheel.

Next that happened was the PNP sending their assault team to try to bring down former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza but, and a big BUT, what happened to the so called assault team? The assault team was obviously scared on doing their job as their job. Are they really trained to such things? Or just paid to rest all day? With 8 people dead, all I can say is WTH!

Also some of the police was pointing their finger to the media for the possibility of distracting them of their duty. Well for me, it’s not the medias fault to broadcast the PNP’s puke brigade, and tell the world what our police can do. Also now I know where the funds for the police go. If I can, really I’d laugh crazily because of the advance weaponry of the Philippines, a piece of rope and a sledge hammer.

I’m really upset of what happened and really sorry for those people that were harmed and even the families of the people that is caught inside, and also want to tell the world that it’s just an accident and a plus if the PNP police can now train their ass out and prevent this happenings again.

I’m not pointing it on Philippines itself but on the Police and so called Assault team that they sent to the operations. One question can be thrown, what happened to the budget for the security of the our country?

Again, apologies for all Chinese nationals and even to the world, please it’s not the fault of ALL the Filipinos but the fault of SOME of the authorities here in the Philippines. May this be a lesson to us all.

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