The trip to the cold top. Sagada Summer Trip part 2

Posted by BaDong Monday, August 23, 2010

The second part of our journey is where all the people want to go, because of its view, fresh air, culture, and nice people. Sagada mountain province is one of the treasured places of the Philippines. I also think that all the adventurers needs and is required to go Sagada.

We went there by car from Manila >> Baguio >> Sagada, took us about 10-12hrs to reach our resting place. Getting on the high ground sagada we managed to see some views other places don’t have, actually also run from some rocky roads we never come by before. Well, when we arrived after that trip our car had a remembrance of that road and we spent a big amount fixing our Starex van. I think the road became like that when typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng came by the place.

Going back, before the headache the road gave us, another problem came because our reserved place was taken?! It is somehow grueling right? However God was good to us so he gave us a good place to stay at the top of a hill which has a nice ambience. Remembering what happened when we arrived, we just prepared food and tidy ourselves up then the lasting I know waking up early in the morning. So we prepared the breakfast and planned the whole day while eating.

Our place to stay.

1st destination was at the Sumaguing and Burial cave but before that we stopped at the town because every tourist or anyone who stays at Sagada needs to be registered at the municipal hall. Also that’s the place where we met with someone that can guide us through the place, and buy us something to drink in case if we get tired (which is YES).

So there we go went at the mouth of the cave and start the adventure. First trial is the slippery rocks, it’s your guess what’s the thingy that makes the rocks slippery. After the slippery trail we are advised to remove our slippers and shoes for the next trail because it will be smoother walk being bare footed rather than having any footwear. I can give you spoilers and tell all the trails inside the cave but, I decided no, you may look at other sites and pictures but, all I want to say it’s worth the walk inside the cave.

Passing the first cave, we also managed to ask our guide to guide us through the Burial cave. As the name says, Burial cave is where the bodies of the people’s ancestors were buried. It’s creepy inside but, well it’s our country men’s ancestral culture and maybe the early way of respecting their perished families.

Caught taking pictures @ burial cave

A walk with Bestfriend

Next stop and our last stop were at echo valley, where we enjoyed the view of the hanging coffins. After that, we went home, bought some “PASALUBONG” gifts for our families, ate dinner and drink our last day at the Sagada mountain province.

The next day we packed up and try to stay at our house at Baguio and ride our way to Manila.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our trip and thanks for reading. Here are some Photographs taken from my phone SE C902.. Edited a bit.. Enjoy :)


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