Manny & Mayweather's fight will not continue anymore.

Posted by BaDong Thursday, January 7, 2010

I was eating up my dinner this evening, when I heard the news that upsets me. Manny & Mayweather’s fight will not take place anymore. There are some rumors that are roaming around people that might and may not be the reason of the match’s cancellation.

Mayweather is just scared?

One reason that people wants to tell is that Mayweather is just scared to fight Manny and scratch his undefeated record. In spite of Mayweather’s getting noisy attitude and by his trash talks to Manny Pacquiao, some people are saying that Mayweather is just doing the “mouth” just to portrait that his not scared of Manny. But on the other side of his bad mouthing, why is there so many excuses on his part? Is this question, as fan of Pacquiao or Mayweather, come to your mind? The reason of the cancellation of the fight is because of Mayweather wants to have a random drug test between him and Pacquiao which has been denied by the part of Pacquiao. Maybe Mayweather is just scared of Manny’s inhuman power and speed, that’s why he assumed Manny is using some performance enhancing drug.

Manny using a drug?

On the part of Manny, there is only one reason people can think about. On the part of Pacquiao denying the random drug test, I think there is only one reason that they are denying it and it’s because he is truly using a drug. I think that’s the only reason that can come to your mind for denying a drug test right?

But in the end all the fans really just want to see the both powerful guys fight right? All we can do now is wish that there are still a way to fix things or even Manny approving on the random drug test to tell the his really not using any drug.

* 01/08/2010..

In addition, as my friend told me there is a miscalculation that Freddie Roach is scared of, there is a time where Manny took a blood sample test before a fight and he somehow weakened because of it.


  1. The power of drug...?

  2. I certainly don't think taking a small amount of blood for a test would make anyone weak. The amount of blood that they extract from a person is not enough for anyone to become weak from, however if I knew I was NOT taking a performance drug and I wanted to prove my point by NOT taking the test. But there does come a time when he may want to prove to the world that he doesn't take anything to enhance his game and finally give in and take the test.


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