Summer Heat. with Cold breeze?

Posted by BaDong Friday, January 22, 2010

It is January 23, 2010 right now and it’s 10:12am here in the Philippines. The summer is coming but cold breeze I feel. This past few days every morning and night gives me chills with cold.

I think the late Christmas breeze is passing this month and what I think is the world's climate clock is turning late and extreme. Remember the typhoon Ondoy that turned Manila into a pool. My parents told me that first in their lives that they experienced that kind of flood here in our place.

Now a big earthquake hits Haiti and some people lost some of their love ones. These past few years some extreme conditions and weather conditions are hitting us.

The point is would you give it a least a try to take care of nature because one day it may hit us with something we don’t expect. So don’t wait for the “2012” to happen until we regret what’ve done.

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  1. C Says:
  2. I agree! It's supposed to be summer already in The Philippines (or nearing summer) and yet, we can leave our windows open and ignore the airconditioner, because the breeze is so nice and cool! aaaahhhhh...I'm not complaining about the cool air though! I love it!

    Nice layout you got here!



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