The Inspiration: Jessica Cox

Posted by BaDong Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whew! My friend gave me the picture just last night so; it’s only to day that I’ll share to you guys and gals something you might need.

Last Sunday going to our church, WCC, I thought it was just the same old sermon but one thing we don’t know is that we have a guest speaker inside. While going in the door we saw many guys with cameras and had to wonder what the event is inside. So there were inside standing at the back with my cousin because the only vacant chairs that are available were at the front row and my family are sited in front of us.

Minutes came and they played a video of a girl that flies an airplane with her feet. I said to myself that I saw that video 2 years ago but after the video has finished someone stood up and my shock it’s Jessica Cox who is in the video a second ago.

Going to the stage she started it with a greeting as usual, then talked about the great things that she achieved having that kind of situation. She talked about the happy moments, the times her examinee to get her driver license got so nervous, and the time that people on the ground got scared on how she could fly a plane with just her feet.

On the other who just saw the video, what you’ve seen is just that. You never heard and saw what she was back then when before she achieved many things.

I’ll share 1 sentence and 1 story she told us. One is it’s better to have a shot glass of desire rather than a pitcher of talent. And the story is about her wearing fake arms. The fake arms that she’s talking about are somehow uncomfortable, heavy and hot to wear, but she decided not to wear the fake arms at grade 8. She said “you know what getting inside the bus I felt very relieved that my feeling is very light and happy.” And her last word on the stage is “What’s your fake arm? Thank you”.

So after that the whole church gave are a standing ovation and I also felt the emotions of all the people inside. After that I felt guilty of something, but now I’m trying to change some of my doings and it felt also great as she said and because of that she’s one of my inspirations. So now I’m also throwing out the same words that she said “What’s your fake arm?”.

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  1. Vernz Says:
  2. true very inspiring ... I saw her story on Tv .. matoto tayo sa kanya .. first time ko dito.... xlinks tayo?

    see more of me


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